In many cases, homebuyers make the decision to “buy or not to buy” within minutes of entering a property. Maybe the property is empty; maybe it is cluttered and/or dirty. Maybe the furnishings and room decorations are “out of date. Any of these are reasons that can cause potential buyers to quickly exit the property and move on to their next choice.

Enter home staging….by partnering with the professional staging company RealeStaged, sellers eliminate many obstacles that prevent a quicker sale and a sale that maximizes seller profit.

Here are the numbers…

  • A staged property is twice as likely to receive asking price or greater.
  • A staged property is 86% less likely to have a price reduction.
  • Staged properties are on the market an average of 23 days versus 95 days for non-staged properties
  • Staged properties earn a average of 99% of sales price to list price compared to 93% for non-staged properties.

So what do the professionals at RealeStaged offer clients?

Here are the numbers…

  • An initial consultation to determine the exact staging needs of your property. The fee associated with this consultation will be deducted from your personalized home staging package.
  • Your staging package will be designed to work within your budget while effectively presenting your house as “stellar” in today’s competitive real estate market.
  • •Design packages of any size…ranging from a “Pizzazz Package” (accessories and décor brought into your home) to a “full home stage” that includes organization, accessories/décor and furniture rental.

In summary, home staging allows your home to make the best “first impression” on buyers…often resulting in a staged home to have less time on the market and closing at a higher sale price.

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